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The Ohio Democratic Party: Mobilization Director

Job Post

Job Post

Columbus, OH, USA · Ohio, USA
Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The Ohio Democratic Party: Mobilization Director




$7000 / Monthly


The Ohio Democratic Party



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In 2023, Ohio Dems won two competitive statewide ballot campaigns and secured Democratic victories in all corners of our state from school boards to mayors. These electoral wins, along with protecting democracy and freedoms for all Ohioans, are momentous steps forward in our ongoing march to rebuild Democratic power. Our success wasn’t an accident, it was organizing.

This year, Ohio must re-elect Senator Sherrod Brown in what will be the nation's top targeted race in 2024. The battle to maintain the Senate majority will be fought in Ohio. 2024 also offers the chance to take control of the Ohio Supreme Court, make gains in the state legislature, and defend three battleground congressional seats under new legislative maps. The State Party mobilization program will complement and be an effective force alongside the 2024 Coordinated Campaign’s more traditional field model.
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Ohio Democrats seek a talented, passionate professional to serve as the Mobilization Director to oversee the Party’s year-round organizing program. The Ohio Democratic Party has committed to year-round organizing with a model that works for our state and our people - the Ohio County Action Network (CAN). Ohio CAN is neither a top-down or bottom-up model: rather counties, activist groups, and local campaigns are centered in the middle of coaching, tactics, tools, and supports. At its core we strive to empower local activists, county parties, and down-ballot candidate campaigns to do significant voter contact work that supports local and statewide power-building.

The Mobilization Director will manage a team of talented Mobilization Managers, support the Constituency Director, and manage important partner relationships in the democratic and progressive ecosystems. They will also oversee Ohio Democrat’s long-term strategy for infrastructure and capacity building, volunteer engagement, and year-round organizing. The Mobilization Director will report to ODP’s Executive Director and work closely with the 2024 Ohio Coordinated Campaign to ensure that we are meeting critical goals this cycle.
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● Oversee the mobilization strategy for the Ohio Democratic Party.
● Cultivate and grow th CAN Model to be a potent direct voter contact program throughout the state, with a heavy emphasis on canvassing.
● Direct the team of Mobilization Managers and assist them in navigating relationships with county party and local candidate campaigns.
● Center the continued professional development of the Mobilization Managers and help them further cultivate important political skills.
● Work closely with other department heads in the organization as the intermediary between them and the Mobilization Managers, and by extension, the county parties.
● Constant collaboration with the 2024 Coordinated Campaign Organizing Director to ensure both program’s organizing efforts are unified.
● Oversee and ensure timely and accurate reporting and data management.
● At least 2 cycles of organizing experience with progressive responsibility.
● Experience managing personnel, ideally those represented in a bargaining unit.
● Must be proficient in Votebuilder.
● Knowledgeable with predictive dialer technology, VPBs, and Scale to Win, and Slack.
● Experience training and managing a network of a large number of volunteers virtually.
● Strong attention to detail in a fast-paced environment.
● Ability to take and implement feedback.
● Experience working in a broad, diverse political coalition is a plus.

● Excellent in interpersonal and customer service skills to navigate key external relationships and triage difficult political questions.
● Multitasker - able to juggle multiple activities yet not lose focus on top priorities or let something slip through the cracks.
● Proven ability to track, measure, and deliver on progress to goal.
● Exceptional time management and organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple projects and competing priorities.
● Committed to the values and practices of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace with the ability to take feedback and learn.
● A passion for training - developing leadership of staff and volunteers is second nature.
● Understands that centering an excellent volunteer experience and empowering activists is a top priority.

● Passionate and thoughtful about what and how they do work and whom they work with;
● Resilient, resourceful, and adaptive to priority shifts and change (big and small);
● Kind but willing to apply soft elbows when needed;
● Realistic but positive in outlook, not ego- or turf-driven, able to focus on opportunities when faced with challenges;
● Collaborative and patient by nature;
● Committed to a transparent, constant, and open line of communication with our activist leaders throughout the state;
● Fully invested in the success of Ohio Democrats.

**The salary will be $7,000.00 per month with full benefits including PTO as needed, health insurance and optional vision and dental insurance. The hourly expectation will fluctuate depending on the campaign cycle, but will be at a minimum of 40 hours per week. Housing will not be provided.**
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