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My School Votes Educator Ambassadors Program

Civic Nation

Civic Nation

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Posted on Saturday, June 1, 2024

When We All Vote is currently seeking motivated high school students and educators to apply for the 2024 My School Votes Ambassador program. The selected participants will be hired as Ambassadors and responsible for expanding the My School Votes network, registering their communities to vote, and building community with other civically engaged educators and students across the country. We are encouraging ambassadors to form a collaborative team in their school composed of one educator and one student, leading or supporting the work, which means applicants who are educators should select a student in their school to collaborate with, and applicants who are students should select an educator. You can still apply if you have not found someone to collaborate with at the time of applying.

Educators will receive expert training on relational and digital organizing tactics, civic leadership, and voter registration strategies.


My School Votes (MSV) a program of When We All Vote that builds student-led voter registration clubs in high schools across the country. My School Votes ensures high school students are registered and ready to vote in every election by building civic engagement into school culture. Students learn how to organize, build campaigns around issues they care about, and register their school’s entire student body. In this process, My School Votes is developing the next generation of leaders.


When We All Vote is a leading national, nonpartisan initiative on a mission to change the culture around voting and to increase participation in each and every election by helping to close the race and age gap. Created by Michelle Obama, When We All Vote brings together individuals, institutions, brands, and organizations to register new voters across the country and advance civic education.


MSV Ambassadors will have the opportunity to drive the direction of My School Votes, deliver on our mission to close the race and age gap in voting, make a generational impact in their school communities, and lead other students and educators to do the same in theirs.

Ambassadors can expect to gain:

  • A network of other committed civic activists and community leaders;
  • Deep training and experience in relational, digital, and remote organizing to educate, register and turnout voters;
  • For students, gain professional internship experience, and for educators, expand their professional skills with a leading civic organization;
  • Individualized coaching from national When We All Vote program leaders;
  • An opportunity to drive the direction of My School Votes and deliver on our mission of closing the race and age gap in voting and changing the culture around youth participation in our democracy.


Educators and Student Ambassadors must:

  • Reside in one of the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, or Wisconsin
  • Commit to the full 8-week program with 5 hours minimum each week, including team meetings on Tuesdays and some Thursdays (2).
  • Register at least 100 people in your school or community to vote in the calendar year.
  • Host a total of at least 2 voter registration events

Educator applicants:

  • Be a school teacher, administrator, advisor, counselor, tutor or in-school program coordinator


  • Excellent analytical, writing, and communication skills.
  • Ability to take initiative constructively and professionally.
  • An open-minded approach to operating within a dynamic organization.
  • Ability to work with diverse communities and individuals with varying perspectives.
  • Deep dedication to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Fall program runs September-November. Ambassadors and their counterparts will each receive a $700 stipend after completing the full duration of the program. Ambassadors are expected to work in-person in their local communities, and will collaborate remotely with MSV staff.


To apply, submit a resume and complete all of the application questions below. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

For resume tips, tricks, and a template click here. Remember, your resume does not need to be perfect, we just want to get a sense of your passions and experience. The My School Votes team will review each application and interview potential candidates during the last weeks of August. If you have any questions, please reach out to Adriana Ontiveros at adriana.ontiveros@civicnation.org

Application Process and Program Policies:

  • Applicants are required to submit a complete application by the priority deadline August 30, 2024.
  • The My School Votes team will review each application and interview potential candidates during the first weeks of August, with final notices going out by email by the end of the month.
  • The My School Votes team may provide exceptions to the procedures and requirements contained in this document as deemed appropriate and necessary.
  • Ambassadors will be provided with a stipend of $700 for the program. Please note: this income is considered taxable.

At Civic Nation, diversity, equity, and inclusion are directly aligned with the fundamental belief that people are inherently capable but often lack opportunity. We know that a diverse workforce allows us to see problems in more nuanced ways, creating the thought leadership needed to fulfill our mission and reach our goals. Civic Nation is an equal-opportunity employer and welcomes people from all backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives to apply.