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A labor organization representing 59,000 professional, scientific and technical employees of New York State. PEF exists to promote the welfare of its members by representing them with respect to all terms and conditions of employment. PEF shall support and defend the concepts of individual merit and ethical performance as criteria for public service employees in order to best promote efficient delivery of services to the citizens of New York State.

The Texas HDCC leads the effort to win control of the Texas House by flipping seats from red to blue, while protecting incumbent Members. HDCC provides direct investments, candidate support services, and in-kind, paid communications. HDCC is the Texas equivalent of the DCCC. The Texas HDCC is mission control for all investments in Texas House races. HDCC coordinates statewide strategy on Texas House races, sets standards to hold campaigns accountable, and ensures campaigns have the necessary resources to win.

The 2024 Democratic National Convention will be held in Chicago from August 19-22, 2024. The Chicago 2024 Host Committee is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization responsible for fundraising and ensuring individuals and businesses across Illinois have the opportunity to experience the benefits of hosting the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

270 Strategies helps clients build modern, people-centered, data-driven, digitally-sophisticated grassroots campaigns that achieve their strategic goals and change the world. In 2012, we built an unprecedented grassroots organization of 10,000 Neighborhood Team Members, 30,000 Core Team Members, and 2.2 million volunteers that registered 1.8 million voters, held millions of persuasion conversations with target voters, won early vote across battleground states, and replicated the 2008 electorate.

Here at 314 Action and 314 Action Fund, we’re on a mission to elect more scientists to Congress, state legislatures, and local offices. As trained problem-solvers, STEM professionals are ready, willing, and able to find solutions for the significant challenges facing America in the 21st century. With a millions-strong grassroots network of engaged supporters in every part of the country, 314 works to promote the scientific and evidence-based policy communities and has become one of the most impactful organizations in progressive politics.

32BJ SEIU is the largest property service workers union in the country, representing more than 175,000 office cleaners, security officers, doormen, porters, maintenance workers, bus drivers and aides, window cleaners, school cleaners and food service workers in twelve states and Washington, DC. 32BJ members work in residential buildings, commercial offices, airports, university and college campuses, public schools, theaters, museums arenas and stadiums. Our members come from 64 different countries and speak 28 different languages, and are united in a single fight for fairness and decency.

Our mission is to build strategic, successful campaigns that reflect the communities around them, empower and strengthen leaders, and engage people in a meaningful way. 50+1 Strategies was founded on the idea that meaningful community engagement is a pillar of successful campaigns – whether electoral, advocacy, or legislative – that cannot be sacrificed. At 50+1 Strategies, we know we can create social change at the local, state, and national levels by: electing Democratic candidates; advancing movement-building issues at the ballot box; and supporting organizations, projects, and causes that have a lasting, positive effect on our communities. We are a full-service civic engagement firm that brings heart and hustle to every aspect of our campaigns. Our team’s commitment to hard work and innovation helps us deliver stronger results.

617MediaGroup is a fast-growing, full service, progressive communications firm headquartered in Massachusetts. We specialize in providing public relations, marketing, digital content curation, and advertising services to a select group of local and national clients. Our clientele consists primarily of progressive advocacy groups, trade associations, labor unions, and more. We are proud to serve a diverse array of organizations whose missions advance the public good.

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A—B is the identity-powered design agency, creating breakthrough insights, creative, and campaigns that help leaders in every sector transform how power works and who it works for.

In the last decade, Accelerate Change has evolved from a scrappy incubator for new ventures to a full-fledged media lab that has helped develop some of the largest nonprofit media ventures in the country. We scale and invest in emergent and established cultural media properties, build influencer networks, run a digital media lab, and drive civic engagement campaigns.

We help our clients and partners talk to their audience with messages created to persuade and inspire. We help shape discussions—from the halls of Congress to the grassroots level—about the issues that matter to you. We Serve: Membership & Trade Associations, Non-Profits, Issue Campaigns, Political Candidates, Corporations, Government Affairs, Independent Expenditures, and Political Action Committees.

We are investigative researchers on a mission to shine a light on corporations and special interests, and balance the scales of power for Americans.