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stac labs: Software Engineer (Temporary)

Job Post

Job Post

Software Engineering
United States · Remote
Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024

stac labs: Software Engineer (Temporary)




$92,000 - $110,000 / Yearly


stac labs



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Application Instructions

Please complete the application at https://stac-labs.breezy.hr/p/5fa882ebf492-software-engineer.

Application Link


Job Description

Stac labs (State Technology Acceleration Collaborative) is seeking a talented, hardworking, and energetic software engineer. Stac labs works with state Democratic parties to offer them campaign-specific tools (some built in-house), data support, technology training, etc. in order to help win races up and down the ballot — from school board to the Oval Office.
The Software Engineer will work closely with the rest of the Engineering and Product teams and will primarily be responsible for the development of existing applications that empower state parties and political campaigns to access the tools and data necessary to win elections.
This position will be a temporary, full time position with benefits through February of 2025, with the possibility of extending to a permanent position.
Stac labs maintains a commitment to diversity in our staff and leadership. The Software Engineer will join our engineering team, 50% of whom identify as women.
**Minimum Qualifications**:
- **React: **At least two years of work with ReactJS and preferably Typescript is needed, or four years of relevant web development experience in comparable frameworks. Most of our existing application code is written in Typescript and React.
- **Automated Code Testing: **At least two years of experience testing code in a common automated testing framework – Jest, Karma, Jasmine, PyUnit, QUnit, etc. We don’t care which one(s), we’d just like you to have experience writing tests for your code, but we use Jest for our tests.
- **CSS Framework: **At least one year of experience working with Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize or some other CSS framework. We’re agnostic about which one, and we’re open to using whichever one you prefer.
- **Prototyping Tool: **At least one year of experience using or collaborating with others in Balsamiq, InVision, Sketch, Figma, or some other similar wireframing and prototyping tool.
- **Great collaboration skills**: Must be enthusiastic about working with a cross-functional team and building systems we can maintain and grow. Engineers at stac work with a variety of stakeholders with varying technical backgrounds across the states we serve.
- **Database Management**: Understanding of database systems like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, etc., and proficiency in writing SQL queries. Experience with Amazon RDS preferred.
- **API Development:** At least two years of experience writing code to consume RESTful APIs or other web services.
- **Ability to travel:** Our team gets together one to two times per year. Overall, the expected amount of travel is no more than 10%. The team will all be remote, but will be expected to have access to a nearby major airport to travel.
**Nice to Have Skills/Qualifications:**

We don’t expect every applicant to have every skill below. Please apply if you meet the minimum qualifications and have some familiarity with **at least half **of the tools, concepts, or skills listed below. Don’t worry if there are a few you’ve never heard of.
- GraphQL
- Material UI
- Jira
- Python
- Django
- AWS Cloudformation
- AWS Lambdas
- AWS Fargate
- Event based architecture
- Google BigQuery
- Retool
- Designing and building restful APIs
- Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes, etc)
- DataDog (or another log aggregator)
- Continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines
- Experience with CircleCI or Github Actions
- Experience working in a remote team
- Experience working in an agile environment
- Experience with the Democratic Party, Democratic Campaigns, or other allied Progressive organizing efforts

**Job Responsibilities:**
- Work closely with senior engineers and product managers to build an easy-to-use and maintainable user interface and back-end services for stac’s product that helps Democratic candidates access other campaign tools.
- Be a part of stac’s on-call team Labor Day to Election Day in even years and be able to triage errors in all stac products.
- Take in wireframes for front end products and implement them in React.
- Develop production-ready code that meets user story specifications in collaboration with other engineers and the product team.
- Test your code extensively.
- Improve or build user interfaces for other stac products in collaboration with product managers and other engineers.
- Document development processes, procedures, and application version histories.
- Keep up with advancements in application engineering and new technologies.
The anticipated hiring process for candidates who advance from the application stage will include a 15 minute phone screening, two 30 - 60 minute interviews with the Engineering Director and other members of the engineering and product teams, and a skills test we expect to take less than two hours to complete.
_We are an Equal Opportunity Employer with a strong commitment to diversity of staff and leadership. We actively encourage people of color, people with disabilities, women, non-binary candidates, LGBTQIA+ candidates, people of all ages, and people from traditionally marginalized communities to apply. We are tracking diversity in our applications and our hiring processes to ensure we are holding ourselves accountable to our values. The diversity questions in the application form are completely optional and cannot be used to determine specific hiring decisions._