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Partnerships & Community Engagement (P&CE) Post-Campaign Fellowship

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Posted on Monday, March 25, 2024

Position Summary

What is the P&CE Post-Campaign Fellowship?

The P&CE Post-Campaign Fellowship is designed to afford financial support and a supportive community of experienced mentors to organizing and training staff who recently finished working on campaigns in 2020. The resources produced by the fellows will aid the Analyst Institute and the Analyst Group as each entity aims to better serve the greater progressive community through innovative and effective tactics.

Two P&CE fellowships will be awarded in the first quarter of 2021. The fellowship recipients will each receive a stipend of $12,000 for a twelve-week commitment. Recipients should expect to commit 30 to 35 hours each week to the fellowship program. The fellowship stipend will be distributed every two weeks over the course of the fellowship. This position is remote.

Who is eligible for the P&CE Post-Campaign Fellowship?

Those who worked full-time with Democratic or progressive political or advocacy campaigns in the 2020 election cycle are eligible to apply for the P&CE Post-Campaign Fellowship. This work may have occurred in a volunteer or paid capacity.

Priority in the selection process will be given to those who have:

  • Experience leading direct voter contact activities
  • Experience organizing and/or training within historically marginalized communities
  • Experience creating or utilizing virtual training materials for use in the 2020 election cycle
  • Experience creating or utilizing train-the-trainer curriculum in the 2020 election cycle

Applicants must be actively seeking future employment/engagement in the progressive political space going forward.


What are the requirements of the P&CE Post-Campaign Fellowship?

Twelve-Week Commitment

The fellowship recipients are asked to participate in the full twelve-week fellowship program. Fellows are asked to commit 30 to 35 hours each week to the program. The fellowship program occurs from Monday, February 22 to Friday, May 14. These dates may be negotiable under exceptional circumstances and for exceptional candidates.


The fellowship recipients are asked to explore, gather, and institutionalize best practices and expertise developed and utilized by electoral organizing and training experts during the 2020 election cycle. The information gathered will be distributed to the Analyst Group and used to inform future conversations between practitioners, organizers, and trainers of the Analyst Group.

Fellowship recipients will report directly to the Director of Partnerships & Community Engagement. Fellows will support and shadow the Partnerships & Community Engagement team in their duties. Fellows will attend weekly team meetings and all-team meetings. Recipients will also have the opportunity to attend external partnership meetings of their choice based on their interests and career aspirations. Responsibilities of the fellowship include:

  • Driving the creation of an organizing and training portfolio containing case studies and examples of innovative best practices implemented during the 2020 election cycle
  • Assisting with the development of an organizing and training narrative to highlight the importance of cultural competency within electoral organizing
  • Supporting the responsibilities of the Partnerships & Community Engagement team
  • Staffing formal meetings with external partners

Mentoring Future Fellows

Analyst Institute’s P&CE team prioritizes authentic relationship-building and leading with a spirit of service. Fellowship recipients are asked to make themselves available to answer questions, offer advice, and build community with future generations of fellows. Note: The 2021 Post-Campaign Fellowship is the first iteration of the program. Fellows are also asked to conduct hour-long, biannual check-ins with the Director of Partnerships & Community Engagement annually after their fellowship concludes.

Attend and Participate in Annual Organizational Convenings

The fellowship recipients are asked to attend and potentially participate in one to two annual organizational convenings that occur within the calendar year they receive the fellowship. An example of an annual organizational convening includes Analyst Institute’s Analyst Group Convening, which typically takes place during the summer. Alternative forms of participation may be explored for exceptional circumstances.


  • This is a remote position with a $12,000 stipend for a twelve-week commitment (from Monday, February 22 to Friday, May 14, 2021)
  • Recipients should expect to commit 30 to 35 hours per week to the program
  • We are accepting reviewing applications on a rolling basis and the deadline to apply is Thursday, February 4th by 6:00 PM eastern time
  • Questions may be emailed to Quentin Mays at QMays@analystinstitute.org